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Mountain State Beverage is proud to supply all 55 counties in West Virginia with over 2,000 different varieties from around the world.  Click here to see our full list of suppliers, and learn more about the brands you love.

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The WV Craft Beer Revolution is under way, and Mountain State Beverage is the crux of the movement.  With over 300 unique craft brews available to our clients, MSB has helped pave the way for the explosion of craft in WV.  Click here to find out more about the brands we offer.

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Western Son: Reinventing Flavored Vodka

For many, the idea of preflavored vodkas can present somewhat of a quandary.  Is this vodka of any real quality? What is it actually flavored with? Is the flavoring real or artificial? Is it going to be too sweet?  These questions can present a barrier between the...

Joe Riggs of Redemption Rye – Classic Old Fashioned Recipe

Redemption Rye Classic Old Fashioned Recipe Joe Riggs has easily one of the coolest jobs in the world representing Redemption Whiskey as brand ambassador. Although Joe currently enjoys the honor of working on Redemption's brand, he got his start in the world of craft...

A Look At Virgil Kaine Lowcountry Whiskey

Virgil Kaine, the Charleston, South Carolina distilling company is on a mission, as they put it, "to create the best damn whiskey around." The thing that separates Virgil Kaine from most whiskey makers is that their founders, David Szlam and Ryan Meany, come from a...

The Rise of the Wine Cocktail

CHLOE ELDERFLOWER FIZZ If simple and refreshing are your thing, the Elderflower Fizz is a must try. The unique taste of elderflower mixed with the effervescence of the Chloe Prosecco a subtle bite of gin makes this a cocktail experience unlike any other. INGREDIENTS 2...

4 Totally “Chillin” Takes On The Margarita That’s Sure To Please

el Jimador "Bubble-Rita" Ingredients: 2 oz. el Jimador Silver Tequila 1 oz. lemon juice 1 oz. lime juice 3 oz. Korbel Brut   Instructions: - Pour el Jimador and lemon and lime juices into a shaker with ice - Shake and strain into a rocks glass over ice - Top with...

Craft Beer Festivals in West Virginia 2018

Rails & Ales Huntington, WV August 11th, 2018 Taking place on the banks of the Ohio River, Rails & Ales features one of the most diverse and largest craft beer collections from WV.  In addition to offering day or evening sessions with unlimited beer sampling, there’s...

Three Incredible Variations on the Old-Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail

All those familiar with Old-Fashioneds know it's pretty much as straightforward of a cocktail as you're likely to find. The ingredient list is simple, water, sugar, bitters, whiskey and of course, a little twist of citrus served up with ice. The truth is, although the...

4 Awesome Beers of Spring

Ahhh… Spring! No matter how much of a winter person one may be it’s hard to not love warmer weather and the freshness of the season. To celebrate the emergence of flowers, fruits, and cool breezes, we have found some light and refreshing beers perfect for the coming...

How To Choose The Perfect Craft Beer For You

How To Choose The Right Craft Beer For You Walk into almost any bar these days and one thing is immediately apparent, beer selections have become massive. The truth is, with so many options available many people stick with their time-tested favorites and this is with...

Cooking With Bourbon

Try these three recipes with Gentleman Jack, or your favorite Old Forester blend!



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